Open Box Service

We offer a service to save you money on postage!

What we do, is we offer an open box service, this means you can place an order and leave it open. (it doesn't get shipped to you until you close your box)

So as and when we add new scents you can do another order and add to your  box, and then say at the end of the month you want to receive all of your wax you just close your box. 
To start an open box all you have to do is place an order as normal and when you reach the shipping section there will be a 'add to open box' and 'close open box option'.
Continue to use this method until you wish to close your box.
To close your box all you need to do is select the 'close open box' section at checkout. This option will cover your parcel up to 2kg with Royal Mail, if your order exceeds 2kg then we will contact you via the email you have provided to sort out extra postage costs for courier service.
*please note, we only use a signed for service, so this will increase prices slightly.

Terms & Conditions of an open box
- Each order gets paid at the time of placing the order
- Shipping will sometimes be higher than standard royal mail prices, as if you go over 2kg in weight or over £50 in value then it will need to go via a courier, this is usually around £8 so please bear this in mind when placing lots of orders.

- Open boxes can only stay open for a maximum of 90 days from the day you opened it. If your box goes over the 90 days we will contact you to close your box if the box still remains open after 100 days then items will then be resold.

*please note, we only ever use a signed for service, so this will increase prices slightly.